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Rectangular vibrating screens

Rectangular vibrating screens are used for control, classification and dedusting of dry, powdery or granular products. It is used in the food and recycling industry for screening foodstuffs and transporting plastics such as plastic granules and plastic powders.

Rectangular "Closed" vibrating screens

closed rectangular vibrating screens
Vibrating screens for sorting powdery products. The automatic net tensioning system and the presence of unclogging balls ensure a low level of maintenance.

Rectangular "Open'' vibrating screens

open rectangular vibrating screens
Open vibrating screens for use in suspended applications or where there is limited height.

Control vibrating screen

control vibrating screen
Screen with perforated plate for checking grain size before bagging or processing.

High capacity vibrating screens

high capacity vibrating screens
Construction of tailor-made vibrating screens for a wide range of chemical requirements.

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