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Circular vibrating screens

svs 600 liquid vibrating screens

Usually referred to as safety screeners or industrial sifters, circular vibrating screens are used to ensure product quality in the presence of powders or liquids by carefully removing oversized particles.

Rectangular vibrating screens

vibrating screens for liquids svs 600

It is used for control screening, classification and dedusting of dry, powdery or granular products. It is used in the food and recycling industry for screening foodstuffs and transporting plastics such as plastic granules and plastic powders.

Vibrating conveyors

vibrovagli per liquidi svs 600

A vibrating conveyor commonly controls the speed and direction of the elements by using customised vibrations that shake the machine parts to orient and move the materials.


vibrating screens for liquids svs 600

The agitator is a machine that transfers energy into a liquid, obtaining flow rate, head and shear, in proportions that depend on the speed of rotation and the type, diameter and number of impellers used.

Iron Removers


The iron removal process simplifies the separation of ferrous material allowing automatic recovery without production stops, preserving production waste as well as guaranteeing an iron-iron free end product.

Centrifugal pumps

centrifugal pumps

Centrifugal pumps are hydraulic operating machines characterised by their ability to impart energy to fluids (particularly liquids) by means of work performed by a field of centrifugal forces.

Diaphragm pumps

diaphragm pumps

The diaphragm pump is a type of vacuum pump in which the change in volume is given by the oscillation of a diaphragm closing one side of a chamber. The advantage is the absolute impermeability achieved by eliminating sliding between parts.


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