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The agitator is a machine that transfers energy into a liquid by obtaining flow, head and shear, in proportions that depend on the speed of rotation and the type, diameter and number of impellers used.

Mixing tanks

Aisi 304 – 316 stainless steel mixing tanks. They allow a wide range of solid and liquid products to be mixed. Made to measure” productions.

Mixing tanks for liquids

agitators mixing tanks for liquids
Made of Aisi 304 stainless steel. Available in different geometries and powers they are used for mixing liquid products or dispersing solid materials in liquid substances.

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sirio stirring and pumping unit
The pump located underneath the tank allows the liquid to flow back into the stainless steel tank, mixing the fluid and allowing it to be transferred to the desired user by means of special valves.
Capacity: from 125 to 250Lt.

Portable mixers

portable stirrer
Available in different geometric configurations and powers, they are immersed in the drum containing the liquids to be mixed.

Portable mixers

portable mixers
Small units for mixing liquid products that are easy to transport.

Wheeled Mixers

cis srl - wheeled agitator AGC - vertical column agitator

Made entirely of AISI 304 stainless steel, they are used for mixing and dissolving. They allow you to operate safely by mixing several tanks in a single unit.

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